What the Source of Your Heel Pain Could Be

By Steuben Podiatry & Valley Podiatry
April 09, 2019
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For the most accurate diagnosis and treatment of your heel pain, see your Corning, NY, podiatrists, Dr. Joseph Hatef, Dr. Andrew Black, and heel painDr. Kathleen Panepinto at Steuben Podiatry and Valley Podiatry. Through careful examination of your feet and review of your symptoms, they can normalize your foot function and manage or eliminate your pain for good.

The most frequent cause of heel pain

While some people experience heel discomfort from a plantar wart (a bumpy benign growth caused by direct contact with a virus), most heel pain is plantar fasciitis. This very uncomfortable condition causes inflammation, swelling, redness, and pain across the bottom of the foot. The affected structure is the plantar fascia, a wide band of connective tissue stretching across the bottom of the foot from the toes to the heel bone.

Typically, the discomfort of heel pain in Corning, NY, happens after a workout or brisk walk, or patients notice it as they get out of bed in the morning or after sitting for an extended period of time at work or at home watching TV. Most of the discomfort centers on the heel, and sometimes, people have a bony spur projecting off the front of the heel bone.

Getting help for heel pain

The professional team at Steuben Podiatry and Valley Podiatry evaluates scores of people for heel pain. A podiatric examination includes X-rays and other imaging as needed. Most individuals with plantar fasciitis overpronate their feet when they walk, rolling their feet toward the mid-line, and stressing the fascia to the point of pain.

Treatment for plantar fasciitis rarely is complex or surgical. Only persistent symptoms of longer than one year require an operation. Most patients do well with:

  • Stretching exercises, particularly for the calf muscles
  • Better footwear (quality athletic shoes, for instance)
  • Non-prescription analgesics and anti-inflammatories
  • Rest
  • Elevation
  • Customized shoe orthotics to support the arch and correct overpronation
  • Losing weight
  • Night splinting

Dr. Hatef, Dr. Black, and Dr. Panepinto urge their patients to manage their plantar fasciitis with a continuing program of care. The goal of individualized care plans is healthy, happy feet which function well.

Are you hurting?

If you have heel pain, don't postpone treatment. Call Steuben Podiatry and Valley Podiatry for the best care around. Call (607) 776-2931 to schedule an appointment at our Bath, NY, office, or (607) 936-6933 to schedule an appointment at our Corning, NY, office, or (570) 888-3668 to schedule an appointment at our Athens, PA, office!