Treating Your Bunions

By Steuben Podiatry & Valley Podiatry
June 21, 2019
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What's that bump on the side of your foot? If it's near the big toe, and big enough that it's slanting your toes, it's quite likely that you have a bunion. Fortunately, here at Steuben Podiatry & Valley Podiatry in Athens, GA, Bath, NY, and Corning, NY, your podiatrists offer a number of treatments, usually containing simple lifestyle changes and accommodations. With the help of Drs. Joseph Hatef, Andrew Black, and Kathleen Panepinto, you can feel better and stop worrying about that bump!

What causes bunions?

Also known as hallux abducto valgus, bunions results from a number of factors, including:Bunion

  • Heredity (some foot structures seem more prone to develop bunions than others do)
  • The regular wearing of tight, short, or high-heeled shoes
  • Age (people who are over 65 develop more bunions, according to Science Daily)
  • Overexertion of the feet

Unfortunately, as bunions progress, they often develop debilitating symptoms such as pain, calluses, corns, tingling, redness, and numbness. The big toe even may cross toward or over the second or third toes. Bursitis, arthritis, and a deformity called a hammertoe can all also result from this condition, leading to daily discomfort for bunion patients.


Diagnosis and treatment of bunions

A visual inspection/X-ray screening at one of our offices in Athens, GA, Bath, NY, and Corning, NY, tells our podiatrists the exact nature and extent of your foot deformity. That information, coupled with details on your symptoms, come to inform the creation of your custom bunion treatment.

Much to the relief of most patients, bunionectomy surgery is not the typical treatment. Instead, your foot doctor may advise these interventions as part of your customized care plan:

  • Switching your shoes to ones with wider toe boxes and lower heels
  • Using shoe padding, such as Moleskin, to cushion your bunion and lessen friction between the foot and the shoe
  • Wearing customized orthotics (shoe inserts) to correct gait problems
  • Over-the-counter ibuprofen to provide pain relief
  • Ice and rest
  • Callus and corn removal by your podiatrist

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