Don't Ignore Your Ankle Pain

By Steuben Podiatry & Valley Podiatry
September 21, 2018
Category: Pain
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Ankle PainHas it been weeks or months since you first noticed pain in your ankle? Although optimism is certainly an important trait, assuming that your ankle pain will get better if you just give it more time may actually increase your risk of long-term pain. Athens, PA, and Bath and Corning, NY, podiatrists Drs. Joseph Hatef, Andrew Black, and Kathleen Panepinto offer a variety of effective treatments that ease their patients ankle pain.

What can happen if you ignore ankle pain?

Twisted ankles and other mild injuries usually improve after a week or two of rest and a few ice packs. In most cases, you won't face any lasting effects following your injury. Unfortunately, you may not be so lucky if you have a more severe injury. If you don't receive treatment for your condition, you may develop chronic pain, arthritis, stiffness, or other issues.

When should I visit my Athens, PA, Bath or Corning, NY, podiatrist?

It's a good idea to schedule an appointment in these situations:

  • Your ankle still hurts after two weeks: If you've stayed off your ankle as much as possible, but it isn't getting better, it's a good idea to make an appointment with your foot doctor.
  • You have trouble walking: Difficulty walking, no matter when it occurs, warrants a visit to the podiatrist. Trouble walking immediately after you injure your ankle can be a symptom of a fracture or severe sprain. Both conditions require prompt treatment.
  • You are in severe pain: Severe pain is usually a sign of an equally severe injury and should be investigated immediately.
  • Your ankle just doesn't look right: An obvious ankle deformity can be a sign of a fracture and warrants an immediate call to your foot doctor or a trip to the emergency room.

What can my podiatrist do to relieve my pain?

Your treatment plan will vary depending on your injury but may involve a cast, boot or crutches. Using these devices takes the weight off your ankle, allowing it to heal. Physical therapy, heel cups or pain medication may be helpful. Although many conditions can be managed without surgery, it may be the best option in some cases.

Find effective treatment for your ankle pain with a visit to the podiatrist. Schedule an appointment with Drs. Joseph Hatef, Andrew Black, and Kathleen Panepinto by calling (607) 936-6933 for the Corning, NY, office, (607) 776-2931 for the Bath, NY, office or (570) 888-3688 for the Athens, PA, office.